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Negotiating understanding, one person at a time

Tonight, I was reminded how much we still have to speak up for ourselves and confront ignorance and prejudice. There were many conversations that sprung from  the first two tweets below, but I can only represent my exchange with Larry along with some of the OP’s responses included for context. By the way, so many people have been so awesome tonight at generating further discussion; some topics related to what our conversation was about include the assertion that homosexuality is a recent invention (not true), what human rights are, why they are important and why we need to work towards rights for all, as well as the specific ways in which inequality and discrimination is present in Singapore in relation to the LGBT community. Thank you for sharing and connecting if you did!

I want to address the notion that by summarizing what Larry was saying in the first half of the conversation and asking my Twitter followers publicly to tweet at him and tell him what they thought, I was hating on him. The reason why I did that was absolutely not to shame him (so many people hold similar views to his anyway, and without any shame whatsoever), but rather to invite others to engage him as well, to show that I’m not the only person who takes issue with certain things he said. Twitter is a public forum, and I chose to take advantage of what a public forum enables one to do.

While I certainly admit that I am still learning how not to get overly worked up and instead remain calm and controlled in opposing the viewpoint of another person, I tried my best to keep strong personal attacks to a minimum; I was only pointing out ignorance and prejudice where it existed and I feel that there was a lot of it in the conversation. I did not bully him into agreeing with me, and even by the end of the conversation I don’t think we reached a 100% agreement. 

When I jumped into the conversation, I hoped that he would think about what he was saying, to create some form of understanding on his part, to move away from being completely ignorant about the LGBT community and LGBT issues. If you read the second half of our conversation, I shifted towards encouraging him to become more aware, sharing relevant online articles and discussing the underlying topic behind the entire conversation.

I did not flame him for the sake of a laugh.



One Town's War on Gay Teens




1. This is very triggering about bullying and suicide. Proceed with caution.

2. This is from Rolling Stone’s Valentine’s Day issue.

3. If you are a straight person in the Glee fandom, oh god, do I want you to read every word of this.

This is horrifying, and that’s exactly why you need to read it.

Correction to the comment about: If you’re a person, you should read this. 

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